Life With Braces

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What can you eat? Let's talk about what you shouldn't eat! The following foods should be avoided with braces:

Sticky foods:

  • caramel
    jelly beans
    Tootsie rolls
    gummy bears
    Now and Laters
    Sugar Daddies

Hard foods:

  • nuts
    hard candy
    hard bread
    pizza crust
    cut up apples
    and carrots

Orthodontic Terminology

Band - stainless steel rings that are cemented around your molar (back) teeth and is used as anchorage to move other teeth.Bracket - an attachment fabricated from stainless steel or ceramic that is bonded to the front of your teeth. This bracket has a slot through which a wire slides.

Wire - fabricated from either stainless steel, nickel titanium, or copper nickel titanium. These wires have " memory" which help them return to their original shape gently bringing your teeth with them. This is one of the secrets to achieving a beautiful smile.

Elastic donuts - the "o" ring that holds the wire in the slot on the bracket. These donuts are changed at most appointments and are available in many colors.

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