For New Patients

Our orthodontic practice would like to personally welcome you as a new patient and are pleased that you have chosen us to provide you with comprehensive orthodontic services.

We look forward to working with you and welcome any questions you may have. The time spent at our office should be enjoyable. We like to straighten teeth and hope you will have fun while you are here. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make it more pleasant.

If orthodontic treatment is indicated, you may elect to have diagnostic records at this appointment which includes films and dental molds of your teeth. The diagnostic records allow us to formulate a comprehensive diagnosis and orthodontic treatment plan.

Parking options include the Barlow building parking lot or any of the local parking lots.

The purpose of the initial consultation is to allow us to meet each other so that we may discuss your needs. During this appointment, we will have a chance to get acquainted, obtain digital images, and discuss any findings. Treatment timing, types of orthodontic devices to be used, treatment alternatives, and fees will be addressed. Orthodontist Dr. Bruno will answer all of your questions regarding findings and proposed tentative treatment plans. It is also helpful to bring a recent panoramic film from your general dentist. If one is not available, Dr. Bruno may ask to take one.

Getting to Know Us

Appointment reminder

We will e-mail you one to two days before your orthodontic appointment.

Responsible Parties

Only custodial parents or legal guardians are able to give consent to provide orthodontic care to children. We will therefore hold the custodial parent/legal guardian responsible for financial obligations and for signing the consent form for orthodontic treatment. If circumstances change during the course of the treatment, please be sure to inform our office.

Appointment Scheduling

All patients are seen by appointment. Dr. Bruno will determine the ideal time between visits. Almost all of our orthodontic patients prefer to be after school or work. It is impossible for us to see everyone at this time. We have devised a schedule template that allows us to complete our work, run on time and to see the most number of patients during prime afternoon hours. Given this, we request that you alternate morning and afternoon appointments.

If you need to reschedule an orthodontist appointment please call or email the office as soon as possible as we book in 4-6 weeks intervals.

Short Appointments

These appointments are approximately 15-30 minutes and are scheduled throughout the day. However, after 3:00 pm only short appointments are scheduled. This allows us to see the maximum amount of orthodontic patients during these peak hours.

Long Appointments

These appointments require 45 minutes or longer. We schedule these appointments in the morning or early afternoon. We are happy to provide you with a school/work excuse for these appointments.

Emergency Appointments
Orthodontic emergency/repair visits are available during office hours; however, times may not be available after 3:00 pm for these appointments. Dr. Bruno is on-call when the office is closed and can be reached by calling our office and following the prompts.

Late Arrivals

We pride ourselves on giving the best quality orthodontic care possible. We are able to do this by seeing patients at their scheduled appointment time. If you are late, we may not be able to see you right away and may need to modify your treatment plan for that day.

Missed/Cancelled Appointments

We schedule appointments at four to six week intervals. If you miss or cancel an appointment, we may not have immediate acceptable times available. We will do our best to find an appointment that works with your schedule as soon as possible.

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