Butterflies for Change

Dr. Jill Bruno, a local orthodontist, is proud to announce today the launch of what she is calling Bruno’s “Butterflies for Change” campaign. Through this charitable endeavor, she aims to raise both money for and awareness of philanthropic causes in a way that is both creative and collaborative. “My hope is that this project allows children to learn that a lot of littles can add up to make a really big difference,” Dr. Bruno said. “Just as importantly, we can give children the beautiful experience of helping others.”

Not only patients of Dr. Bruno but anyone in the local community can participate in this campaign, either through a direct contribution or by donation of their “Bruno Bucks.” Bruno Bucks are part of a patient incentive program through which Dr. Bruno’s practice rewards its patients for good deeds, such as punctuality, keeping teeth clean between appointments, and conscientious wearing of orthodontic appliances like rubber bands or retainers. Dr. Bruno will convert donated Bruno Bucks to a cash donation and match each donation, up to a total of $5,000.

“Usually my patients save up their Bruno Bucks to buy small items, like stuffed animals, slime or fidget spinners,” Dr. Bruno said. “I’m hoping to inspire them by showing them that their Bruno Bucks can also be used for something far more important and, ultimately, meaningful to them.”

In the campaign launching today, subtitled “Where Will These Wings Take Us?”, Dr. Bruno has picked – through her patients – the following charities as beneficiaries: , Lifting the Limits for PKU, the Ava Potter Pilcher Foundation, Race for Every Child, Unite the Word With Africa Foundation, and the Willie Strong Foundation. All are directly tied to a patient of hers or a community member, so they hold special significance to her family-oriented practice. Dr. Bruno plans to hold this campaign annually, with different client-selected beneficiaries each year.

Local artist Anne Kaye painted a stunning butterfly covering a large wall in Dr. Bruno’s waiting room. Dr. Bruno is encouraging patients to take pictures of themselves in front of it and post them on social media; in their pictures, patients are further encouraged to hold signs touting the charitable cause of their choice. For every post tagged with #BrunosButterfliesForChange, Dr. Bruno will make an additional donation of $5.

“This campaign is not just about raising money – it’s also about giving a voice to those who need it,” Dr. Bruno said. “This gorgeous butterfly is the perfect backdrop for my patients to highlight the causes closest to their hearts.”

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